JF Subtech successfully reduced the size of the Fukuseki Maru vessel wreck claimed by the treacherous waters along the coast of Namibia.

The trained team blasted the vessel to weaken the integrity of
the structure which allowed sea conditions to speed up the breakdown process of the structure.

Project completed: January 2022

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The challenge

  • The casualty was 1km from shore and the land base was 100km from the nearest town. All aspects of the operation had to be carefully pre-planned and ordered in advance to ensure the operation ran smoothly and successfully
  • The chargers were loaded onto a support RHIB, launched and taken to the casualty where a team of skilled rope access personnel transferred the chargers from the support RHIB onto the causality
  • The causality was rigged up with rope access all around the vessel so that the chargers could be placed in strategic places

The solution

  • The casualty was rigged for blasting, strategic cutting and bulk demolition charges
  • The cutting charges were used to weaken the structure by compromising the shell plating along the length and depth of the vessel. The bulk charges opened the wreck to the elements after it was weakened
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The results and benefits

  • The vessel was split into two sections with the midship of the vessel completely removed
  • This allowed for the natural sea process to breakdown the rest of the vessel structure faster
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