The vessel ran aground in August 2013 whilst fully laden, and broke into two sections.

Both sections were aground and partly submerged. The vessel was carrying approximately 1,769 Mt fuel oil, 130 Mt diesel and other oils on-board.

Year completed: 2013


  • Phase 1: Recovery and removal of bunkers from the vessel; disposal of pollutants removed from the vessel, provision of anti-pollution response spread, stabilisation of the vessel before and during oil removal operations, evaluation of feasibility of refloating one or both of the sections for towage and delivery and/or disposal
  • Phase 2: Refloating and disposal of bow section
  • Phase 3: Caretaking pending conclusion of a wreck removal contract
  • Phase 4: Removal of cargo (coal)

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The challenge

  • Heavy swells and inclement weather on the edge of the shipping channel into bulk export port
  • Vessel fully laden with fuel and cargo on departure to China
  • Safely remove 2000 tons of HFO before the ship disintegrated and polluted an environmentally sensitive area of coastline
  • Remove coal cargo in order to lighten the vessel for removal and mitigate environmental damage
  • Refloat bow and stern area for scuttling in deep water
  • Dismantle and remove collapsed mid-section to minimize risk to shipping entering the harbour

The solution

  • Fuel pumped into JF Subtech barges brought alongside by JF Subtech tugs
  • Coal pumped off for disposal using hydraulic DOP pumps
  • Vessel bow and stern refloated and scuttled
  • Collapsed mid-section cut into manageable portions and removed for disposal
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The results and benefits

  • All HFO successfully removed without a single drop being released into the sea
  • Vessel removed in pieces to remove any hazard to shipping traffic entering the harbour
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